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The Basics Of SEO For 2016

seo 2016

The first quarter of 2016 have passed, leaving the internet community with a much better idea of what to expect regarding SEO. For many the change was somewhat predictable while others might be frustrated that their tactics haven’t adapted the way they anticipated.

In fact, search engines are effectively weeding out the bad sites and boosting those worth visiting. The focus towards creating a better user experience is being perfected with every algorithm getting released. For so long the almighty keyword and scam sites have been ruling the top SERPs, and now the tide is gradually changing.

When Google announced that it was going to modify the way users experience their engine, it did leave several good sites with a problem. When Hummingbird struck webmasters all over the world were swearing left and right, because their quality sites were also getting penalized. So much of their hard work had been reversed.

“But as Google promised, the effects would only be temporary, and eventually, the cream started rising. So yes, it was a risky change, but it was necessary.” says SEO professional Connie Hernandez of Coronation Internet Marketing in Las Vegas. You can visit their site at

Now it leaves the question of what to expect for SEO in 2016. What elements do webmasters need to focus on if they want to stay competitive in this area?

The first thing to notice is the way search engines are interacting with users. Everything is about anticipating what the user is going to do, which will speed up the process of presenting relevant results. In other words, search engines are learning user habits which mean that quality and phrases are quickly surpassing the need for a strong keyword. Just look at the way people are searching these days. Instead of just a single word, they will type in complete sentences.

This is one of the changes that was pretty obvious from the start. Even black hat webmasters knew the algorithms were going to start working at some point; they just didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. Even link building has become a difficult task because Google only picks up healthy links.

Now take into consideration that Google is implementing 500 algorithms per year, all of them focused towards personalizing the search experience. If there isn’t any relevant content on a site, it’s not going to enjoy high page rankings. The only thing that seems to help older sites to stay in top positions is their age. But this will eventually change as well.

When it comes down to it, search engines are getting better at interpreting what users are looking for. They are better able to track user activity on websites and take note of sites users find interesting.

The prediction for SEO during 2016 is pretty simple – build a quality site from the start. Focus on the reader and not the crawler, because the selection process is going to get more focused in this direction. Also, continue to build healthy links with other quality sites. At this point, it’s too dangerous to try old black hat tricks.


The Basics Of Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Domain Authority And Page Authority

Is your quest for SEO Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Domain Authority and Page Authority? Do you really know how Sthey work? Have you been searching for the best hints on it? Well, if all these inquisitions are creating a problem on your mind, you have landing on the right page? Reading through the rest part of this article from the Victoria seo company Canada West IM will help you understand the full details of TF, CF, DA, PA.

Trust Flow:

trust-flowTrust Flow is known as the number predicting how trustworthy a web page is. It is often based on how trusted websites link to trustworthy neighbors. Trust Flow can be perfectly explained by using how it looks like in link metrics. Comparing Roundtable and Land search engines to Google will help you discover the basis of how flow metrics works. Studies have shown that the values of Trust Flow are between 0 and 100. On search engine Land, Trust Flow is usually 64 while Google remains at 99. On search engine Roundtable, Trust Flow is 43 while Google also remain at 99. When visualizing the event on a chart, the result displays how Trust Flow works. Links with more Trust Flow usually ends up higher on the chart. The importance of high Trust Flow signifies that your website is trusted by other neighboring sites.

Citation Flow:

Citation Flow is also known as a predicting number on how influential your URL is. How influential your URL is may be based on the number of websites linking to it. Citation Flow can as well be perfectly explained using link metrics. On search engine Land, Citation flow is 75 while Google reads 99. The value of Google on search engine Roundtable remains 99 while Citation Flow reads 69. Links with high Citation Flow often ends up more to the right. When this occurs, it simply means that your URL is highly influential to neighboring websites. The benefits of having a high Citation Flow to the right will make your URL highly influential to other sites.

Domain Authority:

Domain Authority is a score usually on a hundred-point scale. It is a score that predicts and determines how perfect a web page will rank on search engines. Domain Authority is often used when comparing tracking the strength of your web page with respect to time. It can as well be used when comparing a website to another.

Page Authority:

Page Authority remains an SEO language used to determine the probability that a given content or page from your website will be visible on search engines. Page Authority is determined on logarithmic values between 0 and 100. It usually operates with respect to links and relevant information within website pages to one another. When you experience a higher page authority, it means chances are your page will be visible on search engines. It also signifies that your page will be positioned closer to the top of search results.

do it yourself seo

Should You Do SEO Yourself Or Hire a Company?

Whether to do SEO yourself or hire a company has raised a huge debate in the recent past. As an online marketer, you need to understand is that SEO companies are there for you. Bear in mind that optimizing your site for search engines so as to achieve a higher rank in search results can definitely increase traffic to your site. Traffic to your site means a lot of visitors. Such visitors are likely to be converted to real customers. Thus, you will have increased in sales, hence enjoy higher profits.

Although search engine optimization is a process you can learn and do yourself, it sometimes makes a lot of sense to enlist the services of an SEO company. The company will not only make your site rank high in Google pages but also give you periodic reports on the performance of your site. Now, the big question is: is it worth to enlist the services of an SEO company?

There are some pros and cons that come in handy when choosing to do SEO yourself or partnering with an SEO agency. Check below for merits and demerits of both hiring an SEO company and doing search engine optimization yourself.

Do It Yourself


  • If you decide to optimize your own site, you will definitely save money. Remember hiring an SEO agency will require you to pay for the services.
  • You will learn a lot and get to understand SEO and how it works. Remember practice makes perfect. So, you will learn how to run a website efficiently
  • Also, you will have full control of your site and you may feel at ease about it.


  • It takes time and effort to learn and understand how to optimize a website. You need to understand what SEO practices and search engine guidelines are.
  • Also, you should have some programming knowledge.
  • Since you want your site to rank high in Google pages, you may be tempted to use spamming tactics in order to make it happen. When you do that, you stand the risk of being banned permanently by search engines.

Hiring SEO Firm


  • You will have adequate time to manage and focus on the core part of your business.
  • You are going to entrust the SEO part of your business to professionals who have been tested.
  • Hiring an SEO firm is just like partnering with an expert who will help you to further achieve the most out of your investment.


  • Hiring an SEO company is costly
  • You need to spare some of your precious time to explain to the agency about your business goals so that they can stay focused.
  • You have to do your research very well to find the best SEO Company.

If you decide to partner with an SEO agency, then you need to do your homework pretty well in order to find a reliable and reputable SEO Company out there. When scouting for one, begin by asking your colleagues for recommendations. You can also visit popular SEO forums to seek referrals.

To conclude, the pros and cons of either doing SEO yourself or partnering with an agency vary depending on a number of things. These can be your budget, capacity of your business, and your business goals. However, as long as the SEO process is done the right way, either by you or a reputable SEO Vancouver company, obviously your website is going to rank higher in search engines.

web design seo mistakes

Avoid These SEO Mistakes When Redesigning Your Website

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most popular elements of Digital Marketing. Each one of us is well aware about the importance of SEO for the websites. But, this particular element is ignored every time, a designer or developer is made to do the redesigning of a website. Most of the website designing companies too do not pay the requisite attention on SEO. Every time, you have heard somebody come up with a statement like, ‘I am redesigning it just to make the website look more aesthetic,’ is lying. It is true that pretty looking websites that work on the latest trend get popular. But, giving your customers the correct and ample amount of information is what is required so as to convert the visitors into potential customers. People only come to your website, to check out the information that you promise to them. Thus, content and SEO are the most important element when redesigning a website. Here, we have mentioned 5 common SEO mistakes, which most of the people make when redesigning the website.

1. Think about SEO as only an ‘after design’ thing

In order to create an optimized website, you must think about SEO right from the beginning of the redesign project. A good designer will do a comprehensive keyword research, analyze which are the better performing keywords and which keyword, do not produce the desired results. Based, on that the content must be edited. This has to be done by the SEO expert, even before the website is sent for re-design. After, the entire site map of the website is created and the keyword based content is ready, the designer will strategize the URLs and the keywords for each page so that every page has a related keyword and a related URL link associated with it.

2. Not using 301 redirects

Before you realize the importance of 301 redirects, it is important that you know, what 301 redirects are. 301 redirects mean a permanent redirect from one URL to another URL. In case you have edited the site map or you have reconstructed the URLs of the website, you will have to set up 301 redirects. This will give the proper search engine optimization link juice from your old URL to your new URL. In case, you fail to apply 301 redirects, the ranking of your website might dwindle. Besides this, a lot of your customers might get the most dreaded 404- page not found error.

3. Not having a responsive design

In case, your website is not responsive i.e. compatible with all the platforms such as the mobile, tablets and others, then you are indeed going to lose out on a lot of potential customers. It has been believed that 60% of the searches that happen on Google are done via mobile. Many a times, users tend to browse the websites while traveling on their mobile devices. In case, a visitor opens your website on the mobile and your website is not responsive, then the customer might not get the requisite information. The content on the website might get hard to read for them. So, it is very essential that the websites that you redesign must be mobile responsive.

4. Not tracking analysis

It is very important that you run a tracking analysis on your existing website. You must have Google webmaster Tools and Google analytics installed and analyzed well ahead of the time, you give your website for re-design. This will allow you to have a good benchmark on your new site even before the official launch. The Google Analytics is an important tool to know the Bounce Rate of the website, which track the customer uses to visit your website and which track the customer uses to exit from your website. This will help you eliminate the errors on the new website.

5. Using no follow tags

Before you know the importance of No Follow tags, it is important that you’re aware about what are no follow tags? This is a code that will tell the crawlers to not search or check that particular page or section of the website. During re-designs it is important as you will not want the crawlers to know that your website is not ready. Make sure that you eliminate the no follow tags once the website is ready and completed.